Nutritious Lasagna With A Traditional Taste


Lasagna are pasta sheets that are often used in many layered baked dishes. Dreamfields Lasagna has ridges to capture even more of the rich and savory sauces in between the layers. Traditional meat and tomato sauce lasagna is the most common recipe. There are also many delicious alternatives such as our Vegetable Lasagna or our Festive Lasgana Roll-Ups with Salsa Rosa Sauce, which is a unique take on the traditional lasagna recipe.

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Looking For New Delicious Lasagna Recipes?

We love pasta so much that we’re always experimenting with it and coming up with new recipes. No matter whether you’re looking for an entrée for your next meal or looking for a side to complement your meal there is a recipe for you. Take a look at a few of our Lasagna recipe favorites from the Dreamfields kitchen.